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A simplified approach to creating an online business that easily takes frustrated entrepreneurs from idea, to online success in just 30 days by becoming the architect FIRST! If you're ready to get the clarity and support you need, and a solid plan to make it all work, then let's talk...


Do you want to finally create an online business that will set you free?

Does your 9-5 job have you stressed out?

Are you tired of living paycheck to paycheck?

Do you have specific skills that others would happily pay to learn from you?

Have you been struggling to start an online business?

Are you a one-person-show and you're bogged down with information overload?

Then You Need To Become The Architect

It's All About Building Your Bridge.

To get from where you are now, to where you want to be, you need to understand how to create your bridge.

To do that, you need to "Become The Architect" first.

What that means is getting clear on what your business will be from a bird's-eye view, down to the specific building blocks, then create your blueprint from there.

My Simplex OBA program helps aspiring entrepreneurs do just that - get a complete view of what they need to do and when, as they create, promote, and scale their business or offer.

I take the unique approach of organizing and compiling the information in the Simplex OBA program in a logical format and present it in a very professional manner (an actual lesson presentation instead of just a bunch of zoom videos cut together), so that you get a clear, easy-to-follow program that respects your time.

I consider myself a teacher and mentor, rather than just a coach, and I do my best to make sure each student gets the helping hand they need all along the way.


Meet The Teacher

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Blaine Bryant has over 30 years of experience in business management and sales, as well as copywriting, PR, content creation, photo and video editing, social media management, and marketing plan creation.

The NEW Simplex OBA program is all about serving aspiring entrepreneurs who have struggled to figure out the easiest and fastest way to create a profitable business online in just 30 days.

Blaine got started in business back in the early 90's running an alarm systems company. More recently, he got into online marketing with a Shopify store and learned the hard way all about creating an online business and making sales.

Now, he's taking everything he's learned in the past 30+ years and creating the Simplex OBA program to provide others with the clarity and the shortcuts he wished he had all along his journey.

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removes all of the stress of creating YOUR online course!

  • You'll get everything you need to help you go from course idea to course sales quickly!
  • We'll show you all of the steps to take, in the right order, with everything you need to know to make it work!
  • You'll save yourself countless weeks, months, and years spent trying to figure this stuff out on your own.
  • You'll save yourself thousands of dollars in development and tech costs!
  • You'll be backed with our unparalleled support system to ensure you get the clarity and feedback you need every step of the way! Your student success advisor is your expert wingman from day one!

Here's what's included with your

Simplex OBA Program

You'll get everything you need to...

  • Create Your Course Topic

    You'll get a full walk through of how to create your course from your existing skillsets. You'll get ideas, tips, and tools you'll need to create your course name and branding.

  • Research Your Potential Students

    You'll discover the simple methods we use to conduct market research and find out where your potential students congregate, what they're most interested in, and how you can market your course directly to them!

  • Create An Offer Your Prospects Can't Refuse

    You'll get a full understanding of how we create offers for courses that will have your prospective students eager to get started and feeling absolutely insane saying no to!

  • Validate Your Offer and Pre-sell Your Course

    You'll save yourself thousands of dollars and endless hours of time when you understand how to validate your offer and pre-sell your digital course before you ever build your websites or course content. This is the process ALL of the top coaches use today!

  • Set Up All Your Tech Easily

    You'll get step-by-step instruction, funnel-building templates, and money-saving tips to get your websites, auto-responders, and course content created in hours instead of weeks!

  • Drive HOARDS of Free and Paid Traffic To Your Offer

    You'll get all of the checklists, scripts, content templates, and tracking tools we use to generate as many leads and sales as you can handle in just 30 days with both organic and paid traffic methods!

  • Scale Your New Business Quickly

    Once your business is going and making a profit, you'll want to SCALE IT UP! We'll show you how to get BEYOND $10K/month, up to $100K/month or more!

  • Keep Yourself ON TRACK

    You'll get access to our Simplex OBA community in our private Facebook group, weekly group coaching calls with Blaine for 16 weeks, and direct access to our student success staff to help keep you on track to launch your digital course in the first 30 days!

Here's What Some Of Our Students Had To Say...


"Once I got clear on what I really needed to get going, I couldn't believe how much time I'd been wasting trying to learn everything myself!"




"I loved how everything was broken down for me so I could understand everything from the big picture, all the way down to the smallest details of my business. It made it so much easier to cut through the clutter and get going!"




"I always thought starting my own business was going to take a lot of time, skills and money that I didn't have. Simplex OBA shattered all that!"



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